Ready Payer One? We all pay to play. We trade our time and labor for cash, and then use that cash to fund other people’s dreams, all so we get the privilege of living in them, for profit. Ah the life of a fan!

Hi! I’m Marcus. I like sci-fi, video games, action figures, minimalism, and saving you money. My dreams are to see the Nickelodeon Time capsule opening and retire early. Believe it or not, those things are NOT mutually exclusive! But sometimes having it all means NOT having it ALL. I’m here to give you Minimalism and Frugality advice, from nerds for nerds. To tell you all the things I needed to hear before I spent years of my life and untold paychecks completing my collections… and starting new ones… and completing those, too.

Long story short, I took a break from the first world problems of modern geek life and went a little crazy living out in the woods. When I came back I sold $25,000 worth of vintage toys and video games, got myself out of debt, and generally turned things around. Now I’m living the good life as a minimalist (while still a nerd at heart) and making myself rich in the process!

“So is this a personal finance blog?” Sure, if that’s what you need it to be. My goal in life is to help you reevaluate your spending habits. To recognize (and rewrite) errors in your programming. To realize that you are NOT the sum total of the things you watch, play, listen to, collect, or otherwise consume. You’re worth so much more!

This involves a big shift in what is valued AND considered valuable. We’re all in this together! But first we have to declutter our lives, decommodify ourselves, and learn to denerdify.

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