My Story So Far: 6 Months of Being Minimally Nerdy!

I don’t write a lot of “Personal/Update”-type blog posts… Heck, I don’t write a lot of posts, period. I try to write less frequent, more consequential articles vs. “here’s what I’ve been up to”-style content, but this IS a blog, so screw it: here’s what I’ve been up to!

First off, Minimally Nerdy is now 1 year old! …technically. I purchased this domain about a ago (according to the renewal notice I received from BluHost) but I sat on it for almost half a year, publishing my first post just before Christmas 2016.

Second, we’re doing pretty okay! Haven’t set the world on FIRE just yet (I still see my local Gamestop selling plenty of Funko Pop! figures and Master Sword replicas) but 7,274 views in just 6-ish months of active blogging, spread out over 16 posts (only 14 of which I wrote) isn’t too shabby, considering the amount of time I’m currently able to devote to this blog (SPOILER: not much) and honestly better than I was expecting when I started writing.

We’ve also been getting attention from friends in high places! In April, Get Rich Quick’ish featured our post, No One Cares About Your Stuff and They Never Will, on their Sunday CampFIRE for the best personal finance articles on the web. This was my first “hit” post, albeit a minor hit, and my most personal to date.

Then, in May I posted 5 Simple Apartment Hacks Behind my $39 Utility Bills, which has been my most viewed, shared, and talked-about article so far! It was quickly picked up by J. Money of Budgets are Sexy fame, who sent an email saying, “You’re famous today :)” Being featured on the front page of his site, Rockstar Finance, gave me my biggest day so far: 2,654 views!! It also got the attention of sites like Stacking Benjamins, which featured my post on their podcast, and even, who wrote this amazing piece about my story!

I’m beyond honored by the amount of attention I’ve received in a relatively short amount of time, as well as the feedback I’m getting, which has been nothing but positive. Thanks for making all my hard work seem worthwhile! You rock!!

I’m still new to Twitter, but we’re getting new followers every day, and recently crossed the 100 “like” mark on our Facebook page, so add us if you haven’t already!!

One other exciting piece of news is my good friend, comedian and filmmaker Michael Underlin has started writing guests posts for us! The better half of YouTube nerd duo mike N gary, Mike is currently working on a new post involving his own unique path to minimalism. You can check out his previous articles here and here, as well as mike N gary’s own site!

So what’s next for us here at Minimally Nerdy?? I’m currently working on several exciting (to me, lol) updates, including one I call “Project 50/50” that’s motivating me to empty out half of the storage areas (closets, cabinets, dresser drawers, etc.) in my apartment, and soon I’ll be going straight into the belly of the beast: reporting from Comic-Con International in San Diego! They denied our press pass, but we’re going anyway!

So HAPPY 4th OF JULY and thanks for sticking with us! Subscribe for more tips on how to be a cheapass, news from the “con” circuit, and boring financial reports, and stay tuned as I try to get rid of half my material possessions… again!!!

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