(More) Simple Hacks Behind My $39 Utility Bills

Big things have been happening since I published last month’s blog post, 5 Simple Apartment Hacks Behind my $39 Utility Bills, and it’s time to share the wealth!

I got a lot of great feedback with MORE tips from Financial Independence bloggers and readers on Facebook!

Bex, who I met on the Appalachian Trail, wears her baselayer to stay warm:

I saved so much money this winter/ spring by putting towels next to my door when it’s cold, leaving the back door open when it’s hot, making the fridge a lil warmer and turning EVERYTHING off. I wear my hiking baselayers under everything. Got my electric bill to an avg of 40 bucks

Rachel cut her bills by $55 just by turning things down/off:

We unplug everything, turned down our water heater temp, turned up the temp on our fridge, and don’t use our thermostat unless we absolutely have to. Our monthly utilities went from $150+ to $95

Regina is a fan of attic fans:

My husband has been running our attic fan at night to cool the house for the day ahead. Also, blackout curtains help maintain temp

And while I try not to use my thermostat, Neil says:

Cut my utility bill in half by asking for a programmable thermostat for Christmas

AntiGroundhogDay recommends getting a smaller place:

I’m around $20-30 for my electric bill throughout the year, and $20 of that is the minimum charge, haha. One thing I would add is to “move to a smaller place to heat/cool.” I live in a 450 sq. ft. studio and I love it

My Mattress Money echos that sentiment, adding: 

Buy/rent WITHIN your means. Big homes/apartments come with big utilities

The Frugal Gene, on the power of night lights:

(My husband) put nightlights in the hallway so people don’t turn on the 5 hallway lights we have just to go urinate

For the homeowners out there, Adventure Rich suggests LED’s:

Some energy companies will give rebates for switching to LED lights. Not only did that save my husband and I a bundle on our bill, it continues to “pay-back” with the MUCH lower electricity usage

Finally, my favorite piece of advice comes from Epic Quiver:

Don’t forget to fill the empty space at the back of your refrigerator with 1 gallon bottles of water. It will keep the fridge cold and reduce the need for the compressor to engage

I’ve never even heard of doing this, but it makes a lot of sense! My fridge is usually half empty, so I’m trying this with some water-filled 2 liter soda bottles I’ve been using as backpack weights (training for future long-distance hikes.)

Minimally Nerdy was featured on some major blogs!

Including Stacking Benjamins and Rockstar Finance – Thanks for the shout-out!!!

Finally, I saved even MORE on my utilities!

My most recent bill, due tomorrow, was only $32.44! That’s not my cheapest ever, but it’s pretty darn close, and great for this time of year. I consider that a big win!

We’re going into summer, with every day getting hotter, but I still haven’t had to turn on my AC. Until then, I’m going to try some more of these reader recommendations – blackout curtains would be GREAT with the big windows in my apt, and I feel like there’s still money to be saved in my refrigerator – and I suggest you do the same.

I love hearing your success stories! Stay cool this summer by staying frugal! Keep the good ideas coming, and keep up the good work!!

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    1. Oh for sure. If I owned a home I would try to power as much as I could with solar and other renewables!

    1. Same here! I finally had to break down and turn on my AC for a couple of days (right after posting this, ironically!) but now things have cooled down to ~80 and I can open my windows again 🙂

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