BONUS Lifehack – Get a Craft Table

Are you crafty? Like to paint, draw, or make things? (I hope so, since we should all be producing more than we consume) Perhaps you like to read, write, or study? (Trick question, no one likes to study) Do you use a laptop for school or work? What about homework? Tabletop games?

If so, do yourself a favor and invest in a craft table. Why? Because it does this:

Just try and clutter it up. I dare you

So in addition to being relatively inexpensive, having a multi-purpose, adjustable surface, built-in storage compartments, and wheels so as to be easily moved about, the versatile –but underappreciated – craft table has the secondary feature of being virtually clutter-proof.

How do you clutter-proof your craft table? Simply go from “flat” to “slanted.”

And viola, no more clutter! I use my table as a support for my collapsible light box (for taking eBay photos – meaning I actually MAKE money off this table) crafting props for YouTube productions, building models, and creating holiday decorations. It’s lightweight, easy to transport, doesn’t take up much space (easily fits in the corner of my bedroom, making the space into a mini-studio) and has traveled with me through three different living spaces.

eBay has been a great side-hustle for me, scoring $25,000 so far from selling off my own collection. Could I have done it without a light box? Sure, but I’ve found having a semi-professional photo setup helped me sell more consistently – and for higher prices – than my competitors, sometimes even selling used items for more than they went for new!

Craft table + light box: The furnishing that pays dividends

No, I’m not selling craft tables so don’t get the wrong idea, I just love this piece of furniture and the way it fits my minimalist lifestyle. This is one of the only times I’ll ever tell my readers TO buy something – and obviously you shouldn’t get a table unless you NEED a table – but if the point of ownership is to have things that add value to your life (which it should be) then my simple, cheap, folding craft table certainly fits the bill.

Got a favorite piece of furniture? Any furnishing hacks or ways to increase productivity and livability in your home without adding more stuff? Let us know!

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